Our Mission is to inspire & transform

Coaching is the process of self-reflection, discovery and commitment to address situations you are trying to achieve.  When working with an experienced coach who knows how to draw insights from you and provide objective feedback, you develop the ability to see your circumstances the way others do. You become more confident about making decisions that can change your situation and improve your outcome. Great coaching invokes a sense of clarity about your choices, keeping you on track and accountable for the commitments you make. Business coaching improves your ability to improve your organization’s performance and achieve the success you want.

With coaching, the focus is on what you do.  The concept behind coaching is to help you become a better performing professional by revealing and working through the obstacles holding you back. As the coaching client, you do the heavy lifting!  A consultant, by contrast, performs the majority of the work needed to improve the area of your business that needs help. Think of a gym membership.  You sign up to improve some aspect of your physical condition or overall health.  You do the work, not the trainer! With coaching, you are the benefactor of the improvement.

If you are at a point in your life, career or business where you feel you can achieve more but are unable to do it by yourself, you are a candidate.  Coaching requires a willingness to change what’s not working while embracing better thinking and behaviors that will enable you to achieve what you want.  If you are open to changing and willing to work with someone outside your immediate circle, coaching can be an excellent way to improve your outcome.

The coach acts as a guide to help you establish a new direction.  The coach works is a reflection to offer you feedback and challenge you on things you need to hear.  The coach is a mentor to encourage you to explore new ways of working through your most challenging issues.  The coach is your accountability partner and will hold you to the decisions you make and the actions you need to take.

Your business is a reflection of you.  If you want your business or organization to operate smoother and more profitably, you first have to improve how you run it.  Performance coaching focuses on helping you sharpen your focus and develop the disciplines that support your role.  Our type of coaching helps you evaluate and measure the steps you take and the improvements you make so you can systematically advance your own performance as a business professional.

We have two :  
1).  The client must recognize that their efforts are what drives improvement.  If they are unwilling to do what’s required to achieve their goals, then coaching will not work.  
2).  Clients must be real about their circumstances and be honest about how they got there.  If they are not willing to take responsibility for the factors that they are trying to overcome, coaching will not work.

Your speed and level of achievement is largely dependent on you:  your participation on calls and sessions, your willingness to do the work between sessions, and your overall desire to change what is not working and adopt what will.  Your coach will help you clarify your goals or the areas most meaningful for you to change.

Coaching sessions run from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour depending on the level of work needing to be done and your level of investment in the process.  With all coaching sessions, we address the following:

  • Updates about significant events in your life, career or business
  • Review of tasks you committed to- did you do them, what was the outcome, what did you learn, what should happen next
  • Discussion about next steps in your plan- what will you need to learn; what should we discuss that might affect your actions
  • Review of options you need to decide on and actions you agree to take
  • Feedback on session high points

Our coaching services are all customized to suit the needs of our clients.  Once you request your free consultation , we create a custom development plan for you to consider and agree upon. 

Yes, all client sessions are confidential.  Your supervisor or HR department may want to know how you are doing.  You should be the one to update them.

Depending on what you need to achieve and the complexity of your circumstances, coaching fees depends on the number of sessions.  All coaching packages include available professional development resources, spot calls between scheduled sessions, self assessments and review of work product.

Coaching is a very personal relationship.  So, determining if a coach is capable of helping you with the areas of your career or business you are interested in should include reviewing their areas of expertise, checking references,  and speaking to them personally.  we offer a free 30-60 minute consultation so you can determine if who we are and how we coach is what you want.

It depends largely on your level of participation and willingness to try new things.  Generally speaking, our clients see noticeable improvements in their career performance or business operations within 3-7 months.  Again, you are the primary factor in the speed and quality of your own development.

You should feel more confident and clear about performing at a new, better level.  You will continue practicing the things you learn and experience while in coaching so you can continue to improve on your own.  As a client of our’s, you will always have the opportunity to check in with your personal coach for spot help or new perspectives on their areas you are involved in.

Expect to get clear about what is really taking place in your career or business.  Be willing to be open and honest about where you are and what you are willing to take responsibility for.  Get comfortable receiving feedback that others may never have told you.  Finally, be willing to honor your commitments or be help accountable by your coach as to why not.  You will go through various levels of self awareness, struggle, behavior change, skill building and ultimately a new more confident you.  At the beginning of every new client coaching start, we provide a instructions on what you can expect from working with your coach.

No.  At a minimum, we need to understand what outcome you expect from your employees if we decide to work with them.  we also need to know that they are willing participants in the coaching process.  More importantly, because much of how they perform is dictated by how you lead and manage, you and your coach may need to spend some time together beforehand to accurately determine your employees professional needs.

The focus of our coaching is to help you improve or overcome limitations in your business or with your executive level position.  However, the reason you have these challenges may come from personal issues which will need to be explored.

No, coaching works best for people who recognize they have more to accomplish and want help reaching levels of performance they have never seen before.  Regardless of why you believe coaching can help you, it’s what you do once you work with a coach that counts.

No.  While it might help in terms of insights that the client could benefit from, the area of experience that will help the most is a thorough understanding of how to run and grow a business.  For executives, having experience in leading people, teams, departments or divisions is all that is necessary for a great client experience.  The rest of the progress comes from you, the client.