• Create vision and goals
  • Discover values and purpose
  • Identify personal strengths
  • Navigating Change
  • Develop and nurture leadership and coaching skills

Individual Coaching for Executives and Leaders
One to one coaching is a deep, transformational process, which is different for each individual. It is the opportunity to be curious and in a space for deep reflection, action, change, and growth. In coaching, together we uncover, discover, explore, and deep dive into values, personal strengths, visions, and goals. Together we engage in the exploration of motivation, competencies, and thought processes. Coaching is a place of trust, deep listening, non-judgement, and encouragement as you discover your unique leadership style.

Global Mindset and Mindfulness for Leaders 
Everything starts within. Self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-management are keys to connecting yourself with your inner resources and embracing your authentic self. Be responsible for the energy you bring to a room and be responsible for the mindset you bring to a conversation.
As you look at your mindset, what are you learning about your surroundings, what is your attitude towards your surroundings, and how flexible are you to adapt your behavior and your interpersonal relationships? How do you listen? What is your attitude towards leadership? What is your own unique style? And how is your doing aligning with your being?
Are you bringing curiosity to your environment? Are you taking the time for what matters – in that particular moment? Or are you too far in the future to forget and overlook the importance of the present? Taking a step back, taking a moment to breathe and disconnect can ease the way forward. What you change within will have an effect on those around you.

Work-Life Balance and Life Coaching
Life and work are intricately intertwined, what ever happens in one, will show up in the other. Whatever is changed in one, will have an effect on the other. In this transformational process you have the opportunity to explore and deep dive into your values, personal strengths, visions, and desires, and evaluate how they align with where you are and where you wish to go from there. What are your goals, what is your purpose, and what are your next levels of development? The methods and tools used in this coaching is dependent on the needs and desired outcome. 


  • Vision and mission development
  • Discover team strengths
  • Team Communication
  • Team Culture
  • Change management
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Employee engagement
  • Time and priorities management
  • Accountability

Team Development
Using a holistic approach, we engage clients to create awareness and understanding for the differences in people of different cultures and themselves. Tapping into resources such as Co-Active Coaching, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and other coaching tools, we encourage to speak the unspoken, discover similarities, embrace and appreciate differences, and to build a common ground for effective communication across cultures.

Together we set goals and we strive to reach them. We help create clarity around goals and expectations and to communicate them effectively. We start within. We champion and encourage personal and professional growth.

Change Management
Change Management involves all steps from identifying your change goal to identifying measures of ongoing impact, engagement, and establishing the learning culture you wish to create. Together we assess where you are in relation to the change you want and zero in on where we can facilitate an intervention, leverage available resources and how to create changes. We will look into challenges and barriers to the change initiative as well as look into the change readiness of affected team members. Together we develop transition strategies, including communication strategies for all levels involved and facilitate a culture that it open to change or ready to open up to change.

Communication Skills
Communication is an integral part of how people interact and connect with each other, how content and meaning are transported, how thoughts and ideas are shared, how visions and goals are conveyed.

Hearing is not understanding, Both ends of the broadcasting are where communication can take a very steep fall. How do you take in information? How do you relay information? Do you prefer to hear, read, or experience as you learn? And the people around you? Those around you may not hear things as they sound to you. Communication is an art and a skill that can be learned.


  • Cross-cultural awareness and coaching
  • Identification of personal strengths
  • Vision, values, and clarity of purpose
  • Develop and reach goals and objectives
  • Emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Identify and over-come fears and limiting beliefs
  • Create shifts to ease into new environments

Cross-Cultural Awareness and Coaching
Whether leading culturally diverse teams or moving to a new culture, both can be exciting and a little daunting at the same time. Both broaden mind and  senses. Both pose challenges and opportunities.

Cultural awareness and coaching includes elements of intercultural training, learning more about where you are coming from and where you are going. It gives space for self-discovery, creating awareness for the differences and turning these into an asset on both a personal and professional level. The mix not only brings awareness for the home and host cultures, it also increases the awareness of oneself and how you can integrate and find joy in the new surroundings.

Leading Diverse Teams
The beauty in diversity are the courageous different minds… and the challenge is building the bridge of communication.
The task is to discover, uncover, and utilize the similarities within the differences of multicultural and multi-generational teams, to create awareness for what is happening within the team, and to define what it takes for the team to move forward. Within diverse teams, language can stand in the way of meaning, culture can become an excuse, and stereotypes can stand in the way of truly communicating. As moderators, we encourage to speak the unspoken, to embrace and appreciate the differences, and to build a common ground for communication. A healthy team gets things done and creates success.

Expatriate Coaching
Transitions, be it to a new city or country, or moving back to the culture one came from, create turns in one’s personal journey. Coaching offers the opportunity to tap deeper into your resources, values, and passion, and find clarity of purpose.

Tap into your global mindset. What are you learning about the culture? What is your attitude towards the country, the people, the traditions, and the rituals? How flexible are you in adapting your own behavior? What is standing in the way of building your own path in the new culture and country? We have your back on your journey.


  • Individual Coaching Engagements
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Off-sites
  • Executive Round-tables

Learning and experiencing is part of growth and development. We design our offerings around your needs. We offer individual coaching engagements, single or multi-day training for groups and teams, and workshops, such as team-building or communication workshops. Training and workshops may include various coaching elements, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) elements, communication training elements, intercultural training elements, and goal reaching exercises, just as an example. We want to make sure every need is met. All coaching engagements and workshops are customized and offered in English and Arabic.

We recommend individual coaching engagements to be set at a minimum of 3 months (or 6 sessions). Depending on distance and preference, coaching sessions take place either in person, over the phone, or via Skype (or similar).

Here are examples of coaching packages:

3 month or 6 month  packages 

  • Aligning your vision with your values and dream initiative
  • Getting clear on your purpose
  • Understanding what is limiting you
  • Developing your mindset
  • Working with right models and strategies
  • Learn skilled to focusing your mind to create results
  • Accountability/Ensuring you implement your strategies

    and more…

A One Year Package will allow for a more intensive follow-up and integration of the change you are seeking and creating.

As coaches, moderators, and facilitators, we encourage curiosity, boldness, and to speak openly. We follow one very important rule in anything we do: what happens in the session, stays in the session. The discoveries, the learning, and the growth you carry forward with you. We value the space of a coach-client relationship and work in alignment with the ICF Code of Ethics and the ICF Core Competencies.